Fishing For The Markets


What is ‘Fishing for the Markets’ ?

'Fishing for the Markets' is a defra-funded programme of work. It's about finding new ways of getting more of the unfamiliar and less-popular fish caught by English trawlers to market. Many of these less-popular fish currently caught are thrown back into the sea (discarded) because few people want to buy and eat them. Around 17% of the total catch on average,  is discarded for this reason. That's a lot of wasted fish, even though these fish are often perfectly edible and tasty to eat.

'Fishing for the Markets' is helping to identify solutions to getting more of these fish to market. Finding markets for a wider range of fish species already caught makes economic and business sense. It will also help to support livelihoods and the fishing communities in England.

Discarding for whatever reason is wasteful and especially disliked by the fishermen. On average, about one third (32%) of all fish currently caught by English trawlers ends up being discarded. Half of this amount is due to less-popular and unfamiliar species in the catches, while the remainder is due to management restrictions, such as quota constraints and legal minimum landing sizes. See our section on DISCARDING to find out more on this issue.